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Our products are scientifically developed by leading equine nutritionists to meet your horse’s individual needs. Kentucky Performance Products has formulated each supplement to complement commercial feeds and to safeguard against over-supplementation. Each horse supplement is made with high-quality ingredients, mixed in precise amounts, so you feed only what is necessary. It’s that simple. It’s why we do what we do at Kentucky Performance Products.

It is easy for Kentucky Performance Products, LLC to stand behind our horse supplements because we believe in them. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are unsatisfied with any of our products, we will gladly refund your money. At Kentucky Performance Products, LLC our customers and their horses come first.



Elevate Se


Elevate Se is formulated specifically for horses that require supplementation with highly bioavailable sources  of both vitamin E and selenium

Evaluate E


Elevate Maintenance Powder is a supplemental source of natural vitamin E for horses of all types and ages. When a more gradual increase in circulating levels of vitamin E is adequate or when vitamin E level needs to be maintained over a long period, choose Elevate Maintenance Powder. Research has shown that circulating blood levels increased considerably after just 21 days of supplementation. Easy to feed and economical.

Elevate WS


Elevate W.S. (water soluble) is a revolutionary liquid supplement that provides unsurpassed vitamin E nutrition to horses of all ages. The natural vitamin E in Elevate W.S. has undergone state-of-the-art processing that allows it to be converted to a water-soluble molecule, which is absorbed more efficiently from the digestive tract. Research has proven that circulating blood levels of vitamin E significantly increased by the seventh day of supplementation (Pagan et al., 2005).



Contribute’s unique  concentrated formula provides a blend of both marine and plant  sources of omega-3 fatty acids for complete coverage.

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids support  every system in your horse’s body, including the immune system,  reproductive system, inflammatory process, nervous system, bone  development, and cardiovascular system. 

Summer Games Electrolyte


Horses sweat! As they sweat, horses lose not only water but also vital electrolytes. Using the same formula in Summer Games Electrolyte, Summer Games Plus replaces key electrolyte and contains buffering agents that support a normal gastric environment

Joint Armor


Joint Armor features four elements utilized in the maintenance of      healthy joints including glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic  acid, and manganese sulfate. While other products feature one or two  of these ingredients, Joint Armor provides all four elements at levels  believed to support joint health, all for the price of one supplement.

Trouble Free


Spooky, tense, edgy, unfocused. If these words describe your horse, a calming  supplement could make training easier and riding more fun. Trouble Free is  scientifically formulated to support proper nervous system function and help  your horse maintain a more confident, focused, and relaxed disposition. 



Micro-Phase is also excellent for horses that need extra nutrition on top of their regular concentrate meal, like lactating mares, hard-working performance horses, and seniors. Concentrated Mineral/Vitamin Topdress with natural Vitamin E



A source of chromium, B-complex vitamins and organic trace minerals.

The chromium found in Metaboleeze promotes normal protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism



Neigh-Lox’s unique patented formula aids in the maintenance of a normal stomach environment that reduces the risk of gastric ulcers. Long-acting Neigh-Lox neutralizes excess acid and coats the stomach lining for up to 8 hours

Neigh -Lox Advanced


Neigh-Lox Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain your horse’s digestive tract in peak condition. Horses with a healthy GI tract digest their feed more effectively so they absorb additional nutrients. They are less likely to suffer from digestive upsets. They perform better and feel great every day.



Support your horse’s muscular system with Myo-Guard. The ingredients in Myo-Guard support the antioxidant status of the horse’s body during exercise and replace magnesium lost in sweat.    

 Contains natural vitamin E   Supplemental source of selenium, magnesium, and vitamin C   Palatable and easy to feed

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